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- Reading and Writing will be taught during four one hour periods a week.
- The teaching of reading and writing will be split equally during this time
  either half an hour each a day or two periods of each a week.
- Syndicates will cross group according to data gathered in February.
- A Boys Only Literacy class will be included in each syndicate as one of
  the cross groups.
- Unit plans written by the Literacy leader will be available and used,
  however these are to be adapted accordingly.
- Weekly planning will be displayed in Teacher planning folder.
- The Long Term Plan will be followed.
- Literacy will relate to the inquiry topic as much as possible.
- Instructional reading using Guided Reading groups is to be planned for
  and facilitated.
- An Extension class from across the school will be selected from February
  Baseline Testing.
- Technology classes are expected to have a Literacy Focus as part of each
- Units are to be assessed using Asttle (when instructed) or the Teacher/
  Self assessments attached to the unit.
- Assessments are to be filed in student portfolios.

The Teaching of English is structured around two strands:
- Listening, Reading, Viewing: This enables the students to make meaning
  of the ideas or information they receive.
- Speaking, Writing, Presenting: This enables the students to create
  meaning for themselves or others.
Units of work covered are:
- Recount writing
- CD Covers
- Advertising and Advertorials
- Narrative writing
- Report writing
- Poetry
- Letter Writing
- C.V’s
- Speeches
- Persuasive writing
- Explanations

- Spelling will be taught in Homerooms for half an hour three times a week.
- Homerooms should be split into three spelling groups based on data
  gathered in February.
- The Spelling Under Scrutiny programme is to be used along with
  Newsboard to teach spelling.
- Planning for the different spelling groups is to be displayed in Teacher
  Planning folder.
- Curriculum snapshots can be used to provide evidence of progress and
  these are to be filed in student portfolios.
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