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Students will be able to accept greater responsibility for their personal health and well being and be more aware of this in others.

Health education helps students develop the understanding, skills and motivation to act in a responsible way for their own health, the health of others and the community.

Students will acquire knowledge and develop attitudes that contribute to
  healthy living and lead to a greater understanding of themselves and their
- Students will acquire skills that contribute to healthy living and lead to a
  greater understanding of themselves and their experiences;
- Students will apply knowledge and skills in ways that demonstrate an
  increasing awareness of their own health needs, a concern for the needs of
  others and a growing sense of responsibility for health within the
- Emphasis will be given to dangerous substances (including orchard sprays
  and machinery) that relate to the Kiwifruit industry;
- Students will show greater acceptance and understandings of changes
  that occur to them during their adolescent years and show increased self
  esteem and good personal management during that time.


Physical Education is National Curriculum

- Students will be given the opportunity to acquire skills that will encourage
  them to participate in a variety of activities;
- Students will be encouraged and assisted to increase their level of fitness;
- Teamwork, co-operation and challenges will be an important part of the
  Physical Education programme;
- Activities will be provided to cater for all levels of ability;

- Lessons are to be held 2 times a week and to be of 40 minutes duration;
  Fitness activities to be a separate time allocation;
- Each lesson to incorporate a time for teaching of skills and a time for the
  application of those skills;
- Ability grouping be a feature of Physical Education lessons;
- Challenges are set for individual children to improve performance or skills
- The playing of major games, or a full "sport" is not appropriate for Physical
  Education lessons.
- Children who are unable to participate fully are still given tasks which
  emphasise participation;
- Responsible pupil monitors are to be selected and trained in the issue and
  return of all equipment;
- All pupils are expected to wear the school Physical Education uniform for
  all Physical Education lessons.

The intent is to provide a learning programme that makes children more skilful through active participation at their appropriate level.