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Since 2000 Te Puke Intermediate School has operated a "Boys Programme" to raise the achievement levels and aspirations of our young men. Part of this initiative was to reintroduce the "House" system.

Each house has a staff leader and 2 student "House Captains" which are voted for by the students. All other staff are attached to a house and each house is represented by a house symbol, flag, chants and a specific coloured P.E. shirt.

Weekly house meetings take place together with fortnightly house competitions which feature Sporting, Cultural and Academic activities but all are competitive and all contribute to the house points tally. Students are required to be dressed in their house colours for both of these events.

Around the school, students displaying positive choices are rewarded with school "Awesome Awards" which are placed in their "House Box" and counted by their captains, these points count towards the house points total.

During the final week of Term 4 the house competition culminates with our huge "Battle of the Houses" which has a theme that is kept secret until the the day. A spectacular trophy is awarded to the winning house at the final "Prizegriving" assembly.