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ERO reviews schools and early childhood education services, and publishes national reports on current education practice.

The principal is providing strong educational leadership for students, staff, trustees and parents. Her leadership style is consultative and inclusive, and this has contributed to an increasingly positive tone within the school and its community. She is well supported by a competent senior management team and together they promote a learning community and leadership opportunities among staff. Since the last review staff performance management has been considerably strengthened with a greater emphasis on the sharing of good practice. The principal is working in collaboration with other local principals on the theme of ‘teacher effectiveness.’

The board is well led and trustees bring a wide range of experience and expertise to their governance roles. Trustees work closely with school leaders and staff to turn student potential into success. The review of school and board operations is well informed through an extensive programme of surveys and the analysis of student achievement data.

School and board leadership are well placed to sustain and further improve current school performance.

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