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- A focus on a narrow age band of pupils. The school is designed, resourced and staffed to meet the needs of 11 - 13 year old people.

- A programme which offers a sense of inquiry and independence in thought and action without being too concerned over restraints for older and younger people.

- A wide variety of activities without causing disruption to normal learning programmes.

- A fully integrated specialist teaching programme (workshop crafts, information technology, food technology, multi media studies, performance & production, and music).

- Extra help in English, computers, life skills and gaining independence.

- An environment where the students can be fully involved in the running of the school. The responsibilities offered are realistic and carried out in conjunction with their peers.

- A wide variety of teaching styles. Parents are invited to participate with the Principal in choosing a learning environment which best suits the student's learning and emotional needs.

- Elements of the curriculum and aspects of the school organisation are designed to prepare students for Secondary School.

- An "options" programme whereby pupils and parents can make choices over learning.

- Special abilities programmes covering most curriculum areas.
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